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Life´s just great :))

Hello my friends :D

Here I am. Ready to post some news for you.
But at first I want to thank my big sister for her lovely guestbook entry and of course i´ll answer your questions as good as I can :D

Of course I redecorated my little flat.. already some months ago. But it doesn´t matter.

You wanted to know how I did it.
It wasn´t difficult but I had to be patient.
I suppose u knew about the colored walls? Because Chrissi painted them over a year ago.
As to my gorgeous bed: I just bought two boxes with a wire rope and fixation equipment in order to fix the rope on the walls.

Then I spanned each of the wires from one wall to another.. so that they cross!

And then I beaded /hang up the transparent curtains on the rope and tadaaa I was ready.. and about the other room:
There is just to say that I changed my bed and whole bedroom with my sittingroom… even if the sitting room is much smaller now it fit´s perfekt. So I have a room to eat, watch tv and learn or surfing on the internet.. and another room just to sleep. :D

It makes me proud that you like it


But now another topic I´d like to talk about :D
I was shopping this weekend and it was great.. having all the time in the world and no appointment to keep it was just wonderful.
And I even got clothes which were really cheap. And of course I make fotos of them and show them to you :D
But don´t bother if the picture quality isn´t so good, because I still have my old mobilephone.. with “just” 2.0 Megapixel… my Sony was better with 5.0 but there is no other way at the moment :D

The first three clothes are a beautiful tank top :D I just couldn´t resist this colors… but they seem much darker on the picture.. they have really loud colors :D

Then there are my two capri pants ^^ they are soooo comfortable

And of course a new jacket for the summer… because it sometimes is a bit chilly outside )

That´s all for today ) I am waiting for our classtrip to Sternberg in three weeks.. and then I finally can have my long wished vacation :D
Like ya all!

But there´s one person I just don´t like….. But I really really L.O.V.E. you my beloved angel Chrissi :D and I don´t want to loose you my precious gift of life!
23.5.09 18:14

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