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...consisting of Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape and my newest favourite character: Rabastan Lestrange.


Based on the Story "Dark Angel" by DragonFire10 from franfiction.net

After reading that awesome piece of art I couldn´t resist to look for any information regarding Rabastans name. But the only thing i´ve found was that it is probably just a change of letters. But is it really?

A lot of ppl have the opinion that "Rastaban", a star of the constellation "Draco", is meant here. Also named Beta Draconis. But I don´t know if I should trust that sources of information.

Because nearly every name in Harry Potter has it´s meaning without being changed or anything, so why should this name be any different? Just because the letters are similiar doesn´t mean that this was actually J.K.´s intention.

So I am waiting for further information regarding that topic. Anyway... the reason for this page is the story I mentioned above.

I have never seen such a story on FF.net or anywhere else. I grew to love the character of Rabastan there.

And so I had to make this one in order to show any Slytherin haters out there that Slytherins don´t have to be evil. Because, like this story tells you - there is no light or dark side. There is no evil and there is no good.

There is always good, with evil intentions. Just covered with doing things for the greater good like Dumbledore is telling us in Deathly Hallows.

And there is no line between good and bad.
Because everyone has to do things they don´t like.. things that seem to be bad, evil, cruel.

Like Severus being a Death Eater, being the snarky Professor, the bat of the dungeons. Killing Dumbledore the ultimately sign of the Light. So is he really bad?

I am convinced he is not. He is just doing what has to be done in order to save his own neck. In order to live long enough to be of help.

And I think it is the same with Lucius, Rabastan and even Draco.

I don`t like it if they are just the bad boys in a story. Harry´s always the lovely hero and that´s okay.

But it isn´t. Not for me.

I am proud to say that if I lived with these ppl. , I would be a Slytherin too.

A Slytherin with all my heart.

That´s where I belong.

And to honor my fellow "ex"-snakes I created this little side.

PS: i´d really love to be called "Princess" by Rabastan *smile* ... pity it never will come true *sigh*

Rabastan Lestrange

Severus Snape

Lucius Malfoy

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